Bill 2 (3m) Octagonal Parasol - OUT OF STOCK

East London Parasol Company Inc

Width: 300cm
Height: 270cm
Eye Height: 230cm 
Pole diameter: 5cm
Weight: 14kg

Stunning William Morris pattern canvas, with scalloped edges and a tawny interior. This is screen printed using 24 screens – it is a long and painstaking process – onto waterproof cotton canvas. The underside is patterned with a chic scalloped edge.

Handcrafted frame made in the UK from FSC certified ash wood with our own designs of brass fittings and pulleys. 

This parasol is perfect for a terrace, on a patio, through your table with an umbrella hole or by your sun lounger at the pool.

This is a very special parasol, with each part specifically made for East London Parasol Co. Bill is an elegant, chic design statement, and supports the William Morris Gallery in their continued work and promotion of handcraft.

We have a sandstone base available for this parasol. If the parasol is free standing please use a heavier base of around 30 kg. Please do not use in windy weather conditions.

Please read the FAQs.

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